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UAE Israel relations: First Commercial Flight Landed In Israel

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Israel and the UAE reported in August they had consented to notmalize ties, thereby initiating business, banking and intergovernmental alliances, along with an end to a persistent persistent boycott by the UAE against Israel.

The first commercial passenger flight to Israel by a carrier from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has landed near Tel Aviv, further cementing a normalization deal between the two countries.

Etihad Airways Flight No 9607 is the first commercial flight arrived at Israel’s Ben-Gurion air terminal, further establishing better ties between the two nations.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner departed for Abu Dhabi later with an Israeli travel and tourism delegation on board, according to an Etihad statement.

The airline stated that in future it expects periodic passenger flights between countries and launched a special Hebrew website.

Previously, Etihad shipped off an unidentified cargo plane to Tel Aviv to fly and assist the Palestinians combating the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In August, first ever commercial flight carrying official delegations from America and Israel traveled from Israel to Abu Dhabi.

 Cabinet of the UAE ratifies contract

The normalization agreement was approved by the Cabinet of the UAE, a seven-state federation governed by ancestral emirs.

The agreement was hailed by a Cabinet statement as a key to “Constructive collaboration to resolve the problems of the Middle East” and “to foster the ambitions of the citizens of the region.”

Furthermore, on September 15 Bahrain along with UAE signed an agreement to establish friendly relations with Israel at White House.

The first two Arab nations to sign peace agreement with Israel were Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994 followed by UAE and Bahrain making it thirst and fourth Arab nations respectively.

On the other hand, the standardization treaties brokered by the US angered the Palestinians, whose politicians called the deals a violation of the long-standing Arab position that acknowledgement of Israel would come only after the Palestinians had gained their own autonomous region.


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