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Veena Malik Appeals To Support Khalistan – Independent Sikh Country

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Since the RSS pawn, Modi held the chair in the big office, the timer for the final countdown has begun for India. The worst oppression and subjugation, which has been carrying out against the minorities for ages is finally bursting up and taking the shape of the major turmoil within the state. At this time, one of the biggest uproars which have shaken the fascist state of India to the core is The Khalistan Movement.

The Khalistan Movement – A Leaf from the History

1947 – It was the time when India and Pakistan were to be partitioned. Punjab was ruled by the Kings and hence was not part of the partition during the initial stages. Then political activist Jawahar Lal Nehru promised political and religious freedom to Sikh and persuade them to join them. Sikh as a free nation decided to unite with India in its freedom movement, just to find out they have been betrayed.

After the partition, in which hundreds of Sikhs lost their lives just to get India its freedom, the Indian Government started to show its real colors. Everything was once promised was down in the drain. The partition has a severe impact on the status and power of the Punjab state. Once great province has been cut off into 3 parts and its water was divided as well which caused major havoc in history.

It was just the beginning. With every passing year, the real face of fascist India had been unveiled. The disputes of water sharing, non-recognized Sikh religion in the Indian constitution, and the victimization of Punjab in all decisions regarding trifurcation of the state gave rise to widespread discontentment amongst Sikhs

The straw on the camel’s back were the clashes between the Government’s backed Leftists who insulted Guru Granth and desecrated the sacred Sikh scriptures under police protection. Dozens of Sikhs Protestants were killed in the clashes by the state police. And who can forget 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots

The idea of Khalistan (the land of Khalsa) was revived by the Sikh leader Jagjit Singh Chauhan, who raised its voice against this atrocity and demanded the sovereignty and freedom of the Sikh community back.

Today’s India and Referendum 2020

The Modi’s India turned out to be the same or worse than the India of Indira Gandhi who seized the rights of the Sikh Community, subjected them to the worst torture, and treated them as 2nd class citizens. But this is 2020 and today, the oppression-stricken community of Sikh is revolting back; determined to snatch their rights back from the fascist state of India. This is the epoch or Referendum 2020 which is an uproar by the Sikh secessionist group who wants the liberty of Punjab and a homeland for Sikh – Khalistan

Veena Malik Appeals For The Cause Of Khalistan – Independent Sikh Country.

Where the majority of Pakistanis are in support of the Khalistan Movement, the celebrity and media persons are also taking part in this big cause. The Pakistani actress and model Veena Malik appealed for the just cause of Khalistan and asked the entire world to support them in this tough time.

In a video message, Veena said that Sikh Community is fighting for a war for their rights, and liberty.

“Today I want to tell the world that Sikhs are one of the bravest and valorous nation. I would also like to apprise that Sikhs played a pivotal part in the freedom of India, giving sacrifices of life and blood. Today, when the issue is about their rights and freedom do you think they would back off? No, they won’t. They will get their liberty, even if it means to give more sacrifices this time” – said Veena in her message.

She appeals and requests the world and the entire nation of Pakistan to support and join them in this biggest cause and raise voice for them as much as possible. Moreover, she said that being Pakistani we welcome our new neighbor Khalistan, and support Referendum 2020.

Why Pakistan Should Support Referendum 2020?

Sikhs in Indian Punjab are planning to hold a referendum on whether they want an Independent country or whether they want to remain within India. India’s reaction thus far has been to browbeat, bully and threaten those who allow pro-Khalistan activities on their soil, but according to me, Pakistan and every Pakistani should openly support it. 

1st of all… Khalistan is a befitting answer to the question India is asking from us for years while sowing calamity and turbulence on the lands of Balochistan. The question which asks that ‘we are snatching Balochistan from you, will nurture on its blood in front of your eyes, what can you do? So, It’s time to make them taste the flavor of their own medicine. 

2nd India does not share a border with Balochistan and depends upon Afghanistan to provide more funds to Baloch separatist, whereas Pakistan shared a border with East Punjab. Pakistan not only can help them but both states can also unite against the fascist state of India. Pakistan always shared a great bond with its Sikh brothers and sisters and I’m sure in the future, won’t leave their side under any circumstances. 

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