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Video – This Pakistani Girl Slaying K-Pop Dance With Style

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The K-Pop fever is taking up the world under its storm. K-Pop is a term used for the South Korean Music genre which is growing intensively amongst youngsters all over the world. Whenever you log on to any social media site, you will find out Korean Pop trending with full zeal and zest. And as one can predict, Pakistani Awaam also getting engulfed under the craze of Hallyu; a Korean umbrella term used for Korean Dramas, fashion, food, and music. The upsurge in K-pop rise is no accident and social media has played a pivotal role to strengthen these groups on the world’s stage.

Recently, a video of a Pakistani girl gone viral that has taken down the internet by storm with her killing moves on K-Pop music.

Sophia Mujahid – Pakistan 1st K-Pop performer

A young girl from Pakistan, Sophia Mujahid is taking this K-pop fever to the next level. Mujahid got familiar with K-Pop culture when she was only 6 years old. Before acquiring a place amongst the K-Pop community, she had to work hard on her dancing skills.

Sophia is around 20 years old and manages her own YouTube channel, where she has uploaded numerous dance performances covering the best K-Pop singles. Not only that, but she also starts taking part in K-Pop Dance competitions to let the world know about her talent.

Though she never makes it to the top, these failures could not have detached the love of K-Pop out of her, instead, they boosted her to grow more. Today she is considered an icon amongst K-Pop crazy teens in Pakistan.

The K-pop maniac starts with uploading her crazy dance videos on YouTube, which got her fame and popularity amongst a major group of Hallyu lovers in Pakistan

Later on, she started to take part in K-Pop dance competitions and began to get invited for various Cosplay events as well, where she gave enthralling performances. She also received a certificate from PBR for being Pakistan’s first K-pop performer and cover Star

Apart from this, she also gives makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel where she tries on Korean beauty products. Not only that but she also loves to dress up as various characters from popular Korean movies and games.

Ok, so looking at all her videos one thing is for sure that this girl is super talented. I personally don’t like K-pop much (due to the unfamiliar language and lots of noise, of course) but Korean dramas (with subtitles) are something to watch mainly because they often show unfamiliar things in such a familiar way that you almost begin to believe that.

Anyway, but it’s good that Pakistani kids are not lacking in any field. Whether it’s about opting for something completely queer or peculiar, or either making a name in familiar things, the youth of Pakistan is acing every platform with passion and enthusiasm.


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