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Video: Young Girls Got Mercilessly Beaten By Mullah in Karachi

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Madrassas – Place where little kids go and get the divine knowledge of the book of God, Holy Qur’an along with more knowledge of Islam. Back in our times, madrassas used to be considered as sacred places. They used to hold a special place amongst society and people feel honored to send their kids to Madaris. The Mu’allim (who teaches Qur’an) was considered to be of greater regard than a child’s father and they too used to love the child more than his parents as well. But looking at modern times Madaris, I feel that there is no place in Pakistan is as inhumane as this.

Recently a video went viral which made me feel sick to my core and I have no shame in saying that I don’t believe in Madaris or these fake Mullahs at all.

The sickening video recorded in Madrassa Khalid-bin-Waleed, situated in Orangi Town, Karachi, is enough to make any person’s stomach-churn in disgust. In the video, there was a mullah beating a young little girl brutally with a thick rubber pipe. The room was filled with many little kids reading Qur’an and amidst them, there were horrific screams of that little girl who was badly crying her lungs out. The Mullah, however, did not stop his fiendish act until he saw someone making that video.

This is how we are going to teach our kids about Islam, by sowing a seed of hatred and terror in their hearts? Is this behavior justified at a place where kids are trying to learn Qur’an? Do you know that according to the law of Pakistan, it’s ILLEGAL to carrying out any type of verbal or physical abuse against kids ?

This is just a video of a single incident in Madaris. Don’t know how many other cases are there which have never been reported. Every now and then we got to hear about Mullahs who abused, raped or sodomized little kids but what makes me extremely disturbed is a fact that these kids were however lucky that someone caught their abusers, but what about those little victims who were made silent by their parents or family, and are forced to live a traumatized life forever?

Kindly never send your kids, especially girls to Madaris. This doesn’t mean to deprive them of learning Qur’an, you can hire a female teacher and ask her to teach them at your place, but for heaven’s sake avoid sending them your innocent kids to such monsters, or maybe next time there would be no one to record when this would be happening to your kid. GOD FORBID.

Maya SH

Maya SH

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