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Meet Vladislav – Russian Tourist Who Sells ‘Rooh-Afza In Swat

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When I call Pakistan a “Land Of Magic” I really mean it. Pakistan is one of the most amazing and beautiful countries across the globe. The sky-high mountains, alcoholic green valleys, mighty rivers, and astonishing wildlife is something that has been spellbinding and drawing the tourist from around the world. When tourists come here to experience the natural landscapes of Pakistan, they also notice the unmatched hospitality of Pakistanis. Several famous Vloggers and celebrities visit the country and became smitten with the love and kind gestures of the natives they were welcomed with. There are many interesting names like the anchor-comedian, Jeremy McLellan, who become the brand ambassador for “Pindi boys” since hi visited the country (It is even added in his details on Twitter).
Here we are going to tell you about another interesting tourist who sells drinks in Swat, Vladislav Korolev.

Vladislav is a 25-Years old young tourist from Russia who came to Pakistan in January 2020 to visit the famous tourist spots in Pakistan but got stuck here due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Vladislav said that he wanted to leave Pakistan at the end of February but couldn’t go back due to Corona Virus so he decided to stay here to travel and explore Pakistan more.
“Pakistan is one of the safest countries which you can visit. I visited many countries but Pakistan was the safest one” said Vladislav. He said that he found the people of Pakistan hospitable and generous.

“Here in Pakistan people are different from province to province. For example, you find people in KPK who are so much hospitable and take good care of you, but at the same time they very strictly adhere to their culture” Vladislav says. He added that still overall the people of Pakistan are so much hospitable and generous. They provide you with food and accommodation and that too without taking any charges and helps you in every way if you’re in trouble.

Recently, Vladislav decided to do something which no foreigner ever tried to attempt. He started selling the famous drink “Rooh Afza” in the city of Mingora, Swat. If you visit Swat in recent times, you are most likely to find this Russian boy holding a backpack and selling cool drinks on the busy streets of Mingora.

“Recently, I decided to do something different in this country which no foreigner did before in Mingora. I’m selling cold drinks which is ‘Rooh Afza’. I was selling this drink for like 20 rupees for one cup and it was real. I earned money with this and everyone can do this, everyone” Vladislav smiled.
We Pakistani considers tourists as the blessing of God and we are committed to providing them with the best time of their lives so that they can go back taking nice memories. We hope that the people of KPK would help this Russian guy to enjoy his time as long as he is here and make him feel like home.


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