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Watch: Muslim Family In India Committed Suicide after Being Tortured By Police

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The history of the Indian Empire is tainted with the blood of Muslims and minorities. For centuries, Hindutva Fascist has been persecuting and oppressing Muslims residing in India but no voice ever raised up for them. No one asks the biggest claimants of democracy that why life is being made difficult for Muslims on their land. Sometimes in the name of Dharma, sometimes in the name of religion and sometimes on the basis of suspicion, the Muslims of India are forced to face inhumane violence for decades. Recently another appalling and bone-chilling incident has been reported from Andhra Pradesh that is narrating the story of barbarism and oppression in Great India against Muslims.

Man Committed Mass Suicide with Family after Being Tortured By Indian Police

A Muslim Family of four in Nandyal town of Andhra Pradesh committed mass suicide by jumping in front of a train. According to the sources, the family recorded a video alleging police torture minutes before they committed suicide. They said they were forced to take this step as they had no other option to get rid of the continuous police harassment.

In his last video, the 42 years Sheikh Abdul Salam along with his wife Noorjehan (38), their daughter Salma (14), and son Dadhi Khalandar (10) said he was falsely accused of two crimes he had no connection or link with.

They Recorded A Video Minutes Before Committing Suicide

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I have nothing to do with the theft that happened in auto or in the shop. I’m unable to bear the torture. We have no one to help us. That’s why I hope that at least my death would bring peace of mind” said poor Abdul Salam.

As per the details, Abdul Salam was falsely accused of theft at a jewelry shop where he used to work earlier. The owner of the store suspected Abdul Salam of having to steal the gold, and just on the basis of suspicion, he was sent to jail. After being released from the jail on bail,

Abdul Salam starts driving a rented auto. However, the relatives of Salam told the media that he was continuously tortured by the store owner and police. Every time he used to go for the routine formalities at the police station, the officers would torture and hurl abuses at him.

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Not only that, he got arrested again after a passenger complained of his missing bag. The police alleged that the person had traveled in Abdul Salam’s auto and accused him of stealing. The two policemen harassed and tortured Abdul Salam for 7 months without any evidence.

However, the two cops, Circle Inspector, Somasekhara Reddy, and Head Constable Gangadhar are arrested on charges of abetment of suicide.

It was a Cold-Blooded Murder, Not Suicide

Ok, so culprits have been arrested. Good. But my question is would that be enough? What major and maximum punishment you can give to them? Because as per my knowledge the punishment for abetment is some years of jail and a heavy fine? Would that be justified?

A whole family has been murdered. Yes, murdered because they were forced to do so. That poor Muslim man was compelled to take his own life because some Hindus falsely accused him and made him suffer for several months. Can you imagine the pain, the trauma of that man, that family who took this extreme step?

Despite being a Muslim and know that committing suicide is a sin, he still opted that way, because maybe there was something which was beyond the concept of wrongdoing and right doing. Imagine the fear of those little kids or the torment of their mother, who had to choose death for her babies. I cannot think anymore. But this is the real face of India. This is the racism which is prevailing in that society and making them worse than animals.


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