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Watch: Pakistani Actress Received Backlash for Sharing Her ‘Twerk’ Dance Video

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Many Pakistani celebrities have gone to another extent of obscenity and vulgarity ever since the Indian Media platform Zee5 has begun to showcase and produce their shows. The once Pardedar bibiyan of the Pakistani dramas have become bombshell babes, under influence of Indian media and Bollywood. The senior ladies that used to talk about cultures, traditions, and religion are now talking about ‘hand jobs’, giving pleasures, and drinking wine. Yes, I’m talking about the Pakistani inbred Indian series, Churails.

Where the series received acclaim and lauds in India, on the other hand, irked many Pakistanis as well. The language, dressing, and acts used in the series were not only obscene but highly inappropriate according to the cultures and traditions of our society. The series and the stars received so much backlash that PTA had to ban it in Pakistan. The cast consists of many big names like Hina Khwaja Bayat, Sarwat Gillani, Yasra Rizvi, and Mehar Bano.

Hina Khwaja Bayat has already come under fire and become a notorious face of Pakistan, and seems like the next candidate to get hauled over the coals is VJ cum actress Meharbano

Meharbano Comes Under Opprobrium after Sharing Her Twerk Dance Vid Online

Meharbano is one of those star celebs in Pakistan that always remains in the hot waters for their lifestyle. Unlike other actresses, Mehar Bano style is pretty oddball and peculiar. Being a hoiden, Meharbano always is found challenging the customs and conventional laws of society.

Her dressing sense, acts, and passion for dance has always remained the talk of the town, yet people liked her bold acting and style, but everything has its limits. Recently, a video of her making a round of the net in which piqued many people.

In the video, Meharbano found performing on a dance no which was a bit too bold to be shared. The moves of Mehar were quite salacious and smutty, plus the twerk she pulls off in the end, was enough to make anyone feel cringe.

The reaction of Social Media Users after Video Gone Viral

Ok, now I know many people would disagree with me, saying that live and let live. Yes, I believe in that as well. Live and let live. But wouldn’t that be better to live ‘this’ life personally and not on social media?

You see social media is a door to the outside world. Its a portal, when you open it, you expose yourself to the world by your choice. You choose people to watch you and give comments on you. Now, its their choice however they percieve your act. You can get lauds from some while some would criticize you which is their right. You just cannot perform a naked circus on streets and ask people to just don’t interfere or ‘live and let live. If you want liberty, you want freedom, there’s a place called home. Do whatever you want, dance, flirt, just don’t make it public, its as simple as that. And if you do then cool, be ready to face the backlash as well.

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Maya SH

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