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Why “Ertugrul” A Threat To Pakistani Dramas?

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Is Pakistani Drama Industry Is Going To Get Destroyed By The Turkish Serials Like Ertugrul?

This debate is going on since the blockbuster series Dirilis: Ertugrul went on-air on Pakistan Television. Ertugrul is a big-budget Turkish drama serial depicts the prehistory of the Ottoman Empire. It is based on the life of Muslim Oghuz Turk Leader Ertugrul Gazi, who was the father of the founder of Ottoman dynasty, Osman I. Produced by Turkish Radio and TV (TRT) is a lengthy 5 seasoned series that has already hit the screens of 60 countries is now storming down Pak-Land with its full swag in Urdu Dubbing.

Why Ertugrul Is Creating Buzz In Pakistan?

Since the Ertugrul came to Pakistan via PTV, it has become the ultimate craze of the people of Pakistan. During Ramadan, most people weren’t as devoted to the prayers and fasts as they were to the series. Undoubtedly, the storyline, the direction, and most importantly the dialogues are something to die for and TRT deserves applause for creating such a phenomenal series to introduce modern age Muslims to their true culture, and brave ancestors who used to rule over the world with their strong characters, courage and the devotion to the almighty. If you have watched any episode of Ertugrul you can relate that there was not a single dialogue that was vulgar, cheap, or out of context. Even this story carries a beautiful love tale of Ertugrul and Halima, but still, you won’t find a single scene that you can’t watch along with the family.

Why "Ertugrul" A Threat To Pakistani Dramas?

So, coming back to the debate. Some of the big Pakistani names are expressing their fear regarding the Turkish series like Ertugrul that it will destroy the Pakistani Drama Series and will become a strong and negative influence on our culture. Uhm, really?

So this is why I decided to perform a post-mortem on the culture that is facing threats from such Islamic series like Dirilis: Ertugrul and end this debate right here. Let me take you to the some of the most popular CULTURAL series of Pakistan:

Mere Paas Tum Ho:

Oh, this drama will always remain #1 in the list of Most-loved dramas for many reasons. It was the first drama serial whose final episode got on aired on the theatres and cinema houses around Pakistan. So what was so special about it?

Why "Ertugrul" A Threat To Pakistani Dramas?

The story is about a middle-class girl, Mehwish who fell in love with a middle-class boy from her university, Danish. They both decided to tie the knot and started living a middle-class life. But soon Mehwish felt that this all has become too much MIDDLE CLASS and now she wants a better life.

On the other hand, the boy Danish was head over heels for Mehwish, and trying the shit out of his luck to keep his nagging wife happy, but couldn’t succeed. This is when the villain of the story, Shahwar along with a lot of money made his entry to the serial. He showed a bit of love and loads of cash to Mehwish, and easily lured her in leaving her over loving husband and kid, and surrender herself into a live-in relationship with a guy who was already married. There were also some intimate scenes between them which drama makers showed to the extent which Pakistani censorship laws can digest.

Cultural Values to Be Learned:

  • Live-in relationships are normal
  • Infidelity is fine if the guy has enough money.
  • Extramarital affairs are normal for women as well

Mehboob Aapke Qadmon Mein:

One of the most iconic and cultural serials of its type. In this story, you will see a girl Shazia who takes the help of black magic, voodoo, and other amazing things just to stop his brother in law, Arsam, to marry a girl he loves. Why? Because dear Shazia bhabhi adores his Dewar to the extent that she became a witch, a deadly Jaadugarni to get him, so how can she let any random girl take him away with her, huh? A heartfelt story of a poor witch who suffered from deadly consequences when her mother in law tried to get rid of the suspected “spell” performed on his son, just for the love of her life.

Why "Ertugrul" A Threat To Pakistani Dramas?

Cultural Values To Be Learned:

  • It is fine to perform black magic or anything to get what you want.
  • It is fair to kill someone who is getting in your way.


This drama created hype amongst the young generation. Every guy was pretending as Mir Hadi.

So this story is about an arrogant rich lad and son of a politician, Mir Hadi who killed a poor guy just because he asked him to move his car as he was getting late for his job. Later on, Mir Sahab fell in love with the victim’s sister Sanam Khan aka Khaani when she was cursing him for killing her brother brutally (What a moment to fell for someone). He did every possible thing from harassing her to sending her expensive gifts to get her and finally kidnapped her on the day she was getting married. Later, he claimed he is in ISHQ and left his place to become a mystique of a Shrine.

Cultural Values To Be Learned:

  • If you killed someone, claim you are in love with his sister and do everything to get her. This would change the public opinion about you.
  • Sitting on a shrine after being failed in love is a sacred ritual.


Another legendary and CULTURAL serial gifted to the people of Pakistan by Pakistani Media Industry. Story of a girl Fiza, who was living at her aunt’s place after her father’s sudden demise. Saad, who was her aunt’s son was her best friend since childhood. Saad, who used to secretly love Fiza never had enough confidence to confess his feelings. But when he came to know that Fiza is getting married to the love of his life, his world becomes topsy-turvy. One night, when he was so frustrated he saw Fiza sleeping in her room. He sneaked inside and raped her badly to extinguish the burning fire inside him, and later on marry her to save her dignity. Fiza, who doesn’t know who raped her, spent her whole life believing that she owes her life to Saad.

Cultural Values to be learned:

  • It’s ok to rape a girl and marry her in compensation.
  • All is fair in love and war.
  • If you are regretting raping someone, keep a remorseful look on your face and society will develop a soft corner for you.

Ghar Titli Ka Parr:

Another famous and irritating serial of last year. Shafaq and Anji are two best friends from school. Shafaq is so fond of Anji that she cannot live without her. On the other hand, Anji who is a sycophant, greedy girl uses Shafaq to get her purpose done. Soon, Shafaq got married to Aazar, and shifter to the same city her best friend was. When Anji saw how happy she is with Aazar, she started luring him and creating a misunderstanding between the two. Aazar, a dumbhead fell in the trap Anji lured him into. He divorced Shafaq and threw her out of his house. On the other hand, Anji left his husband and started living in with Aazar without taking a divorce from her husband… Pretty Cultural, Right?

Why "Ertugrul" A Threat To Pakistani Dramas?

Cultural Values To Be Learned:

  • It’s ok to hang out with your friend’s husband.
  • You can live with another guy without marrying him or taking a divorce from your husband.
  • Your wife’s friend is more trustworthy than your wife.


And the award for being the most hated and pathetic drama of 2020 (in my opinion) goes to Ghalati.

Why "Ertugrul" A Threat To Pakistani Dramas?

This story is based on a girl Zaira who got married to her cousin, Saad, and an over-emotional, and easily influenced guy belongs to a greedy family who is determined to ruin his relationship with his wife.

One day, under the influence and misunderstanding created by his family, he announced Talaq, to his newly wedded wife after a few days of their marriage. Considering it as a mistake, he cried and apologized to Zaira, on which she forgave him. But again after a few days, he MISTAKENLY gave her second Talaq. Later he realized what blunder he made. Heartbroken and remorseful, Saad fell into deep regret. He seeks forgiveness from Zaira once again and promised that this won’t happen again. Confused and anguished, Zaira meltdown looking at his tears and pardoned him just to get last and final Talaq from him after somedays, needless to say, mistakenly. So now you know why this serial name is Ghalati (Mistake)

Cultural Values to Be Learned:

  • Announcing Talaq over petty issues is normal
  • One can give talaq and say sorry, and it will fix the talaq
  • Even if you have committed the same mistake 3 times, still it will be called GHALATI.

So those were some cultural drama serials that conveyed some valuable and powerful messages to our youth. On the other hand, Ertugrul’s message was only about obeying ALLAH, being brave, being loyal and honest to your partner, and walk on the right path shown by Quran which is, indeed a BIG threat to our Culture, Society, and Values.


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