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Pakistani Girl Becomes Nurse in the Same Hospital She Used To Clean

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They say you can only achieve your dreams when you start believing in yourself, and once you do, no power on earth can stop you from accomplishing your goals. At some point in our lives, we all think that this is it. This is how far we can reach. We think of giving up on those dreams we once held dear to us. Many of us give up and start living a life destiny has chosen for us, while some, fighting all the odds, challenges the destiny and achieve what they want. Today I’m going to share a story of a young girl, who dared to dream big and toil hard to make it real.

Meet Zubiya Umair – A Young Girl Who Become Nurse in the Same Hospital She Used To Clean

Zubiya Umair, 27 is a young girl from Taxila, Punjab. Belonging from the ancient yet imperishable district, Zubiya had the same timeless passion and ardor within her. Despite facing pretty tough times, she did not break rather rise and grew better.

It’s about her journey from a custodian to a nurse practitioner.

Zubiya revealed that she belongs to a middle-class family in Taxila. Like any middle-class girl, Zubiya too had a lot of dreams regarding her career, but her impoverished circumstances didn’t let her follow what she wants.

“Since childhood, I was inspired by the nurses and doctors working in the hospital. Wearing blue and white scrubs, holding stethoscopes in hand, and healing patients in the most gentle way; Doctors and nurses used to be my heroes – said Zubia.

She further said “I always used to dream of becoming one, to act like how they do, to feel the passion they carry, but due to my destitute conditions, it was almost impossible”

A journey from a Custodian to Nurse:

Zubiya used to work at a fast food chain a few years ago until she got a call from a hospital. Yes, she got a call from THQ hospital. They were looking for cleaning staff, and Zubiya’s friend suggested her to them.

“Even if it was cleaning, as long as I was near the patient care, I’d be able to observe things better. I thought it was a good idea”- Said Zubiya. 

She began to work there as a custodian. Despite being associated only with the cleaning services, Zubiya did not look down upon the job and take it as an opportunity. She kept observing the nurse’s jobs around her and help the patients whenever she could.

Then days passed, years passed. Zubiya has become professional in her work. Alongside, she also started taking nursing courses from an institute. She always knows she wanted to help people.

With her constant hard work and spirit to help people in healing, Zubiya achieved what was looking as impossible. She soon becomes a nurse practitioner in the same hospital which she used to scrub.

“It’s tough to be the person that cleans. But if I had to go back and do it again, I would. It’s so worth it” – Said Zubiya

Talking about her experience being a Nurse, Zubiya said that she feels like she was born for this, as if this was her destined job and she loved it.

When do you let a random stranger into your life? Into the most personal parts of your life? Rarely. As a nurse, we get that. I just love the intimacy with the people” she said.

It was beautiful. The journey of this young yet brave girl is enough to give anyone hope. To inspire, that miracle happens When you desire something truly from your heart, there’s nothing in this world that can stop you from achieving that.  

Maya SH

Maya SH

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