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Woman Chops Off Ex-Boyfriend’s Genitals In Lahore

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The sudden hype in rape and harassment cases have made women in Pakistan furious and annoyed – They have began to feel insecure at shops, streets, malls and even at their own places – The fear of getting their chastity tarnished by some vile men doesn’t let them take a single sigh of relief. Such pestiferous circumstances have sparked the aggravation in women and they have inclined to take extreme steps to protect their honor and dignity.

Woman in Lahore Chopped off Blackmailer’s Genitals

On Tuesday, a woman has slashed her Ex-boyfriend’s genitals in the area of Harbanspura, Lahore after getting blackmailed for several months.  

According to the reports, the blackmailer was a 37-year-old man from Vehari District. He migrated to Lahore six months ago – Moreover, the sufferer claimed that he had an affair with a woman living in the same area, for the last eighteen years.

The man claimed that the woman called him over to her place and attacked him “She called me over to her place a few days ago. When I got there, she attacked me with a sharp weapon and slashed my genitals” said the blackmailer. As per the reports, the woman later locked the man in the room and left there.

After registering the case, the Lahore Police started the further probe into the matter. The statement of the witnesses has been recorded and forensic evidence from the crime scene has been collected. According to the woman’s statement, the man was harassing and blackmailing her for several months. Under that aggravation and fear, she lured him into a meet and cut off his genitals. She stated that she took this extreme step in her self-defense.

The same incident was reported in Faisalabad, where a 25-year old young girl chopped off the genitals of a 28-years old man who was allegedly trying to rape her.

The Hype In Rape And Harassment Cases

According to a rough estimate, more than 15 rape cases has been reported in the past few days – Every 1 in 5 girls is getting harassed and threatened by some shithead – but afraid to speak out – There are many girls like this Lady and ‘Fatima’, who are silently facing harassment and threats from the aggressors but unable to seek help because of victim-shaming prevailing in the society. What has been happened in this case was unfortunate and highly objectionable – but if this girl did that to protect her honor and dignity, then even law calls for anything in self-defense.

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