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Word ‘Jalsi’ Is Disrespect to Woman – Feminazi Journalist| Got Trolled By Netizens

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In my entire life, I’ve never seen a Liberal Feminist talking sense or making any sensible approach. They are only good at ranting, beating their drums, and whimpering about the ‘worst conditions’ of the country. Every time a Liberal Feminist opens their mouth, I start waiting for something trashy and irrelevant. Like, even if they don’t have something better to say, still they would open their mouth and make people sneak into their empty heads. Recently another example got set by a supreme Feminazis journalist, who took “I’m dumb and I know that” to another level

Benazir Shah Called Word ‘Jalsi’ A Disrespect for Woman

So, here we present to you our highly intelligent, educated, and upskilled journalist who has crossed the limit in supporting futile PDM rallies.

It was all started when the foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, called the PDM assemblage ‘Jalsi’ – this word itself doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a made-up word of Jalsa, suggesting a small assemblage or meeting, but Benazir Shah has come up with just a brand new concept which is beyond the concept of Urdu Language.

Enraged by SMQ’s statement, Benazir Shah stomped in her Twitter and decided to bash the SMQ for his comment against PDM. But how? She is a journalist, she can’t support any party. So, rather than talking about PDM, she bashed SMQ for using the word Jalsi

In her tweet, Miss Shah has written “While Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi kept calling the opposition protest ‘Jalsi’ – Can our parliamentarians not deliver a single monologue without belittling women?”

Women – What? This statement baffled everyone around that on what world Jalsi represents women.

Then she cleared in another stupid tweet and made everyone think she is undergoing some serious mental issues.

“Jalsi” is not a word. Maybe the foreign minister can explain what it means? Clearly, equating anything insignificant, or small with the female gender is perfectly normal and acceptable

Ok, wait… Does anything with the sound ‘EE’ represent women? Does that mean Chhuri, Balti, Chamchi everything is female? 

I mean one should understand before opening their mouth that what are they saying. She is a journalist and represents her lobby. 

Netizens Schooled and Trolled Her For Good:

When this statement has knocked on the doors of netizens, they have flocked to her tweet and asked if anything wrong with her mind.

In Urdu, there are masculine-feminine for things as well, and at least they do not represent females in any means. For example, Glass and Mugs in Urdu address as Masculine terms, while Knife, Plates, and Stick comes as feminine terms. But well, it’s about Urdu, and this feminist lobby is western-inspired so yeah, it was expected. Nice Try, Girl, but you got to come up with something more LOGICAL to support PDM


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