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‘You’ Season 3: The best season of Netflix hit?

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you season 3 wallpaper from Netflix

We’ve been binge-watching several Netflix shows amidst this pandemic season, and ‘You’ season 3 was just the spice we needed in our life. This Netflix hit’s Season 3 came out on 15th October 2021 this year. This season Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgley and Love Quinn played by Victoria Pedretti took the show to a new level. Therefore, it will be safe to say that; ‘You’ season 3 is the best season of the Netflix hit.

Where did we leave this murderous saga in season 2?

‘You’ started as a story of a white man who is a stalker and serial killer in its first installment: ‘You’ season 1. Since then, a lot has happened in the show. The plot was moved to Joe Goldberg(the main protagonist) meeting Love Quinn in season 2. Surprisingly, “Love” turns out to be the same as Joe. “Love” is shown as an impulsive woman who kills people in her definition to protect her loved ones.

This character was quite similar to Joe Goldberg: however, Joe decides she can’t be “the One” which was quite ironic. Nonetheless, in his pursuit to get rid of “Love” “Joe” learns from her that she is pregnant with his child. This leads to a new turn in the storyline of the show which follows in season 3. However, season 3 turned out to be different from the previous 2 installments of the show.

‘You’ season 3 outsmarts the audience!

Season 3 of this show holds new challenges for “Joe” as a husband and as a father to a little boy who he thought would be a daughter. He wants to settle with the myth of “happily ever after” in this installment of the Netflix hit initially for his son Henry that he is very protective of. Nonetheless, this season was created in a way that the audience cannot guess the conclusion easily. There are countless determinations to the story this season. This does the job of outsmarting the audience and maintaining the hook.

Moreover, in this season creators have focused on the character development of the main protagonist, along with the supporting protagonist Love Quinn(Victoria Pedretti). Season 3 unfolds some harsh realities about joe’s childhood, and also sheds light on Loves’s struggles with her impulses.

Nevertheless, the story doesn’t focus entirely on the two people in the frame; instead, it is a well-rounded story showing many angles and aspects to the plot. New characters also entered the show this season such as Theo, Sherry, Mathew, Natalie, etc.

Moving on, while Joe Goldberg brings change to his life for his son, he still can’t settle with the fact that: “Love” isn’t “the One”. Amidst this, he falls in love with Marianne who he considers his new ‘You’. Both Love and Joe are manipulating each other while covering tracks of their new murders together. The story unravels in such a manner that it almost feels like “Love” is going to win.

But the total opposite happens and leaves the audience in a feeling of surprise and wanting more of Joe Goldberg and his next moves to reach Marianne. This saga filled with violence, thrill, and drama has reinvented in its third installment and has transformed from a cliche serial killer soap to a well-plotted Netflix hit.

Ending remarks:

In the end, we can say that ‘You’ is bringing something different than repeated cliche stories. Plus the character and story development in the recent season mean there is potential to this series. Hence, it holds the potential to become one of the best shows the streaming platform Netflix ever produced.


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