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Young Girl Arrested For Harassing Boys with ‘Nudes’

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Now and then we came across some extremely weird and bizarre news which makes us question our existence. I mean it becomes hard to digest the news which seems to come out from a parallel universe but is taking place in the present era.

In Pakistan, Cyberbullying is a harsh reality. Many girls reported to fell victim to this ruse, but looking at the recent event, it seems that even boys are not safe in today’s Pakistan.

Girl Arrested For Harassing and Blackmailing Boy with Nudes

Recently, a strange case has been reported from Karachi, which left many people baffled and dumbstruck for a while. In an unusual development, a young female teacher from Karachi has been arrested for sexually harassing and blackmailing a young boy, Tahir Rasheed.

According to the information, the school teacher, identified as Sumera Ishaq was blackmailing a young student, Tahir with his explicit videos and nudes. (Is this really happening?)

As per the details, Tahir and Sumera met on social media and became friends. Over a small period of time, they both get involved in each other and soon developed a physical relationship. Reportedly, Sumera used to make many videos of their private yet illicit act.

Following this, Sumera started to force Tahir to marriage. However, Tahir who was merely a student refused to marry her upon her request.

Seeking revenge, the young teacher leaked all Tahir’s private photos on social media and left the young boy with no choice but to complain at Cyber Crime Wing.

Acting upon Tahir’s complaint, the FIA created a team and arrested Ms. Ishaq from her house.

According to the Additional Director of Cyber Crime Circle Karachi, Sumera is a Habitual offender and has been into such activities for a long time. He also made this shocking revelation before Tahir, Ms. Ishaq has been seducing one of Tahir’s relative.

The officials reported that it was Sumera’s habit to play around with boys, and even girls on social media and fleecing money through several fake Ids.

The FIA team discovered several objectionable videos and photographs with other victims from her phone. As per the reports, 2 mobile phones, and several SIM Cards used in blackmailing were also seized during the raid.

Is This Islamic State Of Pakistan?

Ok, this was bizarre and pretty disgusting. I’m seriously dumb-struck right now. Men are raping women, girls are sexually harassing boys, what type of generation we are raising? Is this Islamic state of Pakistan? This is how are going to emerge as Riyasat e Madina?

To all the girls out there, thinking luring boys with your body and salacious attitude for monetary benefits is ‘cool’, then remember a call girl out on the streets is doing the same thing, but is way better than you. At least she doesn’t earn this by deceiving someone. Such a shame.

Hope the police would take strict actions against this Lady Bully, and to all the guys out there, be careful in choosing a partner next time, because now you are as unsafe as girls are.

Maya SH

Maya SH

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