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Young Girl Gang-Raped By Fiancé After Refusing To Meet Him

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Another day another brutality. You know sometimes I feel that a huge sector of men in India and Pakistan have developed the sense of solving every issue pertaining to a woman with ‘rape’. Like if she betrays you, rape her. If she refuses your proposal, rape her, even if she is your wife and spurn to fulfill your demands, rape her aka marital rape. There is no such thing as consent or will near them. Their filthy brains revolve around the ‘we want it, so we have it’ ideology. All their bravery is about grabbing a woman and satiate their anger by raping her, that’s it.

17-year old gang-raped by fiancé after she refused to meet him alone:

This appalling incident reported from a village in Gujrat district, where a young boy gang-raped his 17-years old fiancée under vengeance. According to reports, the girl was engaged to this boy and for many days he was asking her to meet in private. The girl, afraid of her family refused to meet him.  

As per reports, the girl had been missing for some days. The concerned parents reached out to the police to seek help. Police, while investigating all the concerns come across the minor’s fiancé, who later confessed to raping and killing the young girl.

According to the accused’s statement, he lured the minor to follow him into the nearby fields. When they reached, the boy and his other 2 accomplices grabbed her and began to sexually assault her. They gang-raped the young girl and dumped her motionless body in the canal.

The officials say that the boy was enraged after the girl refused to meet him in private that is why he took this extreme step.

Yeah, of course. How dared she refused him right? After all, it was her duty to ‘serve’ him however he wants, no? Shithead

However, Police arrested the boy and his other 2 accomplices and started a probe against them on an immediate basis.  

Women ≠ Slaves

Every other day we get to hear about rapes as a reprisal or revenge. When it comes to women, some men (or a fourth gender because true men wouldn’t do that) do not take it lightly and consider her refusal as a matter of life and death.

They deem it as an attack on their manliness, this is why just to show that they are MAN enough and capable of doing this, they rape. This is horrendous and appalling.

We would have to teach our boys about consent. Not only of girls but of everyone. They should know that somewhere in their lives they would get refused or rejected by someone or for something and they should take it easy. Tell them that women are as human as they are, and should be respected for that. Start from home and teach your kids or otherwise be prepared for a wrecked society in the coming times.  


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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