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Young Girls Got Beaten By Male Tutor – Angered Netizens

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Teachers are respected and honored in every civilized society – In Pakistan, teachers are considered as ‘second parent’ and respecting them is the basic part of our cultures and ethics – But unfortunately, some teachers have stoop to such level of barbarism that they lost their right to be even called as ‘Humans’, let alone being the respected one.

Male Tutor Beat Two Young Girls Mercilessly at Tuition Centre

According to the reports, a man named Abu Bakr, who is a resident of Khansaman Mohalla in Jehlum has been teaching in a private tuition academy named ‘Shining Stars’. Recently, he got caught on camera mercilessly thrashing young girls while teaching them.

In the video, the male tutor Abu Bakr, seen physically assaulting young girls by pulling their hairs, pushing them hard on desks, and beating them brutally with hands. A little girl fell down while taking the beat from this monster.

Geplaatst door ‎Rawalpindi راولپنڈی‎ op Dinsdag 15 september 2020

Geplaatst door ‎Rawalpindi راولپنڈی‎ op Dinsdag 15 september 2020

The Social Media Users Got Enraged Looking At This Horrendous Act

This video went viral in no time and infuriate the netizens badly – Users bashed the teacher and asked the government to put him behind the bars for life – They also censure the parents who left their young kids on the liability of such beasts.

Notice and Action Taken On Spot

Soon these clips caught the attention of the Federal Minister of Water Resources, Faisal Vawda. The minister also shared this video and instructed the DPO Jehlum to take action against this vile man on an immediate basis – He said that he will file an FIR by himself if needed. Responding quickly to the orders, the DPO Jhelum filed an FIR and put this scumbag behind the bars.

Corporal Punishments and Their Outcomes

This is not the first time this is happening in Pakistan – Last month a Mullah Beat Young Girls Mercilessly with a rubber pipe at Madrassah. Last year, a female teacher of a well-known school assaulted a young girl so badly which made many people’s blood boil in anger – There are many more examples of such corporal punishments conducted in education centers on an almost daily basis and rarely some of them get noticed.

These type of punishments leaves a permanent scar on kid’s personality. Victims either became a depression patient or extremely violent by nature – They usually start torturing their own siblings or kids around them and this is very scary. This behavior is totally unacceptable and teachers who adapt it should get severe punishments to give other tutors a lesson that our kids are not your property.

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