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Young Mother Got Gang-Raped For the Second Time – Are We Competing India In Rapes?

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The year 2020 has brought us one of the most deadly pandemics of the history named Covid 19. All the countries worldwide are in a state of Panic and taking strict actions to eliminate this virus which is causing a person’s death by destroying its organs. But isn’t that ironic that they are not the slightest bit concerned about the virus which is destroying generations; the virus of rape.

 Looking at the upsurge in cases, and it’s widespread amongst the other neighboring countries, I think it should declare it as a pandemic by now which is affecting Pakistan in the most heinous way.

Recently another heart-wrenching incident reported from Kasur, which put the entire humanity to shame. I’m seriously grieve-stricken writing this.

A Woman Got Gang-Raped For the Second Time In Front Of Her Husband and Kids

This incident reported from Kasur, a city in Punjab where an appalling incident took place, enough to guilt-ridden the entire nation.

According to the reports, a young woman in Kasur got brutally gang-raped by 7 men at gun-point. As per the information, the accident took place in the victim’s house at Bheela village, in front of her kids and husband. A first information report (FIR) was filed at Sheikhlum Police station with the victim’s husband as the complainant who said that the 7 culprits broke into their house and raped her wife in front of him.

Not only this, the poor man stated in the FIR that this was the second time her wife got raped by these culprits. Furthermore, the FIR stated that the suspects have locked his house and were forcing him and his family to leave the village.

According to the Kasur Police, the investigation is on its way, but police are yet to arrest any culprits till now.

Imagine the pain those little children must have felt watching their mother getting raped? This would mark an imperishable memory on their young brains which will haunt them throughout their lives.

The city of Kasur becoming notoriously infamous due to its sexual crimes and violence. Recently, 7 more rape cases reported in the last 48 hours having 3 women and 4 children as victims in Kasur. According to reports, the victims include two minor boys and one girl.

Disgusting… No one is secured here. These monsters are sparing no one. Cat, goat, cow, boy, a girl they don’t feel much difference. These scoundrels just need someone to quench their lust, somehow and that’s it.  

In Pakistan Competing With India in Rapes?  

This incident remind me of the horrifying Motorway rape case, where a mother got gang raped in front of her little kids.

Read: Mother got gang-raped in front of Children

Pakistan is not the only infected-country with this rape virus. According to the statistics, India is one of the most rape-affected countries in the world with an average of 87 rape cases daily and overall 4, 05,861 cases of rapes and sexual assault have been recorded In only a year so far.

In the last few days, many bone-chilling incidents have been reported from India, where the women have been subjected to rape and sexual assault in the most horrible way. The other day, a heinous gang-rape of a Dalit girl has been documented called Hathras rape case, which created a massive hullabaloo in the state, where a young Dalit girl was brutally gang raped by men of higher caste.

The Police, refusing to take any action against them set the dead body of the rape girl on fire in the midnight. It wouldn’t be too wrong to say that India is converting into heaven for rapists.  

And looking at the recent events, it seems like Pakistan is in constant competition with India over rapes and assaults. I mean 7 rape cases in 48 hours sound joke to you?

It sends a clear message to the state that they aren’t afraid. They do not fear any consequences, and government is asusual busy in playing eenie meenie amongst the punishments. If they did not do anything soon, then i’m afraid we will not only touch but will beat even India in this.


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