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Zaaman Art launches its 2021 virtual collection, globally

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One of the key global lesson from the ongoing pandemic has been a renewed appreciation for art and artists, even in countries like ours where artists have had a hard time to establish some form of an industry. During the pandemic many artists were also at the forefront when it came to fundraising by donating their art, to help the less privileged communities during lock down.

With this renewed interest in the field, it is heartening to see Pakistani artists embrace technology and showcase their work to a wider audience and also help budding artists by providing them with platforms to help them share their work.

A latest addition is Zaaman Art, an online art gallery based in New York and Islamabad providing art lovers a gallery experience from the comfort of their home by infusing technology into the world of art. They provide emerging artists an international platform to show their work, simplifying the exhibition process and assuming responsibility for outreach and logistics, globally.

The founders and the team at Zaaman Art believe that art transcends language, culture, and borders, and through the help of technology, they live to see a world connected beyond cultures, through art.

Zainab Najeeb (Co-founder/CEO) says: “Creativity does not exist in a vacuum, and we believe that we have a moral obligation to celebrate the individuals who bring joy and color to our lives. After the success of our inaugural exhibition in October, we are very excited to launch our collections and bid farewell to 2020”.

From today, Zaaman Art has launched its art collection for 2021 which can be access virtually at www.zaamanart.com.

Art collection is a very personal choice and experience and one size does not fit all. This process can also be quite daunting, especially for those who are starting out as an art collector and are still in the infant state of understanding the field. While some art lovers like to invest in art, others acquire it to add aesthetic value and charm, giving them a diverse option for all art needs and budgets. Curated with hints of sugar, a whole lot of spice and extra care, Zaaman Art promises to bring a diverse collection of art; regardless of what sort of art floats your boat, there is something here for everyone.

“Emerging artists do not have many opportunities to enter the global art market and Zaaman Art aims to change that. On the other hand, we aim to inspire new art collectors by providing art for all budgets. We are proud to represent so many cultures and diverse artists in this collection, all having one thing in common: their passion for art.” – Cynia Ejaz (Co-founder/COO)

Incorporating technology to not just keep up with the times but also to reinvent the gallery experience, they have added the augmented reality (AR) feature lets you look at your preferred work of art in a personalized and engaging manner. The virtual reality (VR) viewing rooms give you a holistic gallery experience in the comfort of your home. The gallery plans to launch scheduled shows for the viewing rooms, through 2021, around modern and essential art conversations long due in the world of art.

The collection for 2021 introduces the works of 43 artists from 8 countries including Pakistan, US, Sri Lanka, UK, Turkey, South Africa, Canada, and Thailand. The collection represents diverse cultures from within Pakistan including artists from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Quetta, Swat and Thatta.

This collection’s categories include abstract, calligraphy, collage, contemporary, digital, figurative, landscapes, portraits, prints and still life.


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