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Zarnish Khan mocks Faryal Mehmood, Alizeh Shah and more!

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Actor Zarnish Khan believes Showbiz ladies used to be so beautiful but ‘they’ve all turned into ducks’ with botox and lip fillers.

Pakistani actor Zarnish Khan recently appeared for a candid conversation at a digital show and gave some blunt comments in response to the host’s questions, more specifically about the Showbiz industry.

While answering if she would like to opt for any physical changes in herself, the ‘Sun Yaara’ actor remarked, “I don’t think I want to change anything about myself, I wouldn’t want to change anything in my face.”

“You can see in ten years’ time, I’ll look the same,” she further claimed. “I don’t want the duck lips. They’ve all turned into ducks these days. Seriously, they were all so pretty.”

In another segment when asked ‘who will win among her and Alizeh Shah for being more disrespectful’, Khan was quick to add, “It doesn’t matter who she [Alizeh] is up against, she’ll win.”

Sharing her fondness for dance, 28 year old mentioned, “Becoming an actor was more of my destiny rather than choice. But, yes, dancing is my first and foremost… one thing that I love to explore.”

She also revealed that her family wanted her to pursue medicine as a career, “but I had no chance of that happening. I don’t think I have the courage required to be a doctor. I can’t see blood or people in pain.”

When asked to pick a ‘better dancer’ from her and Faryal Mehmood, Zarnish believed that she will take the lead in this one, further adding “The one thing that has been lacking these days is the grace and resistance involved in dancing.”

Moreover, Khan also believed that Feroze Khan can carry out a ‘spiritual conversation’ better than her.



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